Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maps by Develic?

Maps by Develic is a Shopify application for adding Google Maps with multiple store locations to your Shopify store.

How does this app work?

After the app is installed, you will have the ability to add a Google Map with store locations to any of your Shopify pages. Map management is handled by our special components (widgets).

How much does it cost?

Maps by Develic costs $4.99 per month (per store) with 7 days of trial period. If you uninstall the app within this trial period, you will not be charged.

We use Shopify Billing API for the recurring charges. It means, that Shopify platform itself will be charging you.

Are the limitations to the number of locations on the map?

We do not recommend having more than 1000 locations on one map!

Due to the technical limitations, too many locations will gradually slow performance of our storefront widget. If you need to have more than 1000 locations, we suggest splitting that into several pages (maps).

How to install Maps by Develic to my store?

To get a detailed explanation, please read our installation guide.

Can I try Maps by Develic before installing to the store?

Yes. Here is the demo of our primary components for storefront and admin zone. And here are the demos of all themes and layouts for the main widget.

Can I have several pages with different maps?

Yes, absolutely! You can add maps to different pages of your store.

Can I have several maps on a single page?

Unfortunately, no. You can have only one map per Shopify page.

What will be the URL of the page with a map?

You can add a map to any page of your store (pages are listed at "Online store" > "Pages" in your Admin zone).

Usually, our clients create "Where to buy?" page so the URL is similar to

I have another question...

Contact us and we will answer all your questions.